Automobile Machinery and Equipment

  • Loop Transfer Hanger for body, cab, deck, chassis
  • Assembly Line for body, cab, deck, chassis
  • Assembly Sub Line for door, instrument panel, engine, Fr and Rr axle
  • Turnover machine for chassis
  • Air Balancer and Manipulator for assembly process
  • Jig and fixture or Skidder for body or parts

Material Handling Systems

  • All types of conveyor – Heavy or light duty
  • All type of scrap conveyor
  • Auto Palletizer, lifter, scissor lift, die dolly or carrier
  • All types of transportation dolly and racking
  • Pipe Racking System

Process Equipments

  • Hydraulic Press for individual process
  • Washing Machine for parts
  • Numbering Machine for body parts, chassis, name plate
  • Leak Test Machine for individual process
  • Wet Painting System (include WWTS)