Established since 1976 in Singapore in the field of manufacturing process facility. Entails a list of well known companies as customer, mainly MNCs and large local based company. We currently employ over 180 people to support our growth.

Our Vision
To be leader in high end technology, particularly in engineering, technology development and automation.

Our Philosophy
The success of CFT has been built on the simple philosophy reflected through in the company’s name.

CFT– which stand for
“Chong Fong” and “Thailand” and in Chinese means “Devotion” and “Success”.

Devotion to our core values of honesty, trust and integrity and friendship with out customer has been the key to our success.

Our Objective
:: Assist out clients to produce high value-added products and to improve their
   productivity and quality standard.
:: Provide the crucial link between basic manufacturing and high-end technology
:: Keeping abreast of developments in high-end technology through joint-venture